A Win For The Upper West Side

We couldn't have been happier when this press release came out announcing 4new restaurants  coming to 83 Marketplace when it opens in the Spring of 2019! All the phone calls, voicemails, emails, meetings, etc. finally felt like they paid off a bit! We're so excited we felt like shouting from the roof tops, "someone is FINALLY listening to us!"

Early renderings of 83 Marketplace from MDC Land Development

We started Upper West Side PHX a little over a year ago and have been really busting our butts since January of this year but with all of the commercial development still in the early stages, sometimes it's hard to see results in this long-term project. We have to remind ourselves all the time that it's a marathon, not a sprint. This announcement gave us the encouragement we needed to keep going. It's validation that developers and businesses are listening to us! We expect this community movement to keep going well into the future (long-term we're thinking about Vistancia Commercial Core and Lake Pleasant) and this was our first big win! 

Photo Credit: Bagels On Fire

We can't wait to welcome Deem Proper, S & V Urban Italian, Bagels on Fire, and AVENIDA Modern Mexican (from the owner's of the fabulous Revolu) to 83 Marketplace! Major kudos to all of them for being the first of what is sure to be more shops and restaurants to commit to doing business on the Upper West Side! We get tons of requests for breakfast restaurants, upscale Mexican restaurants, sit down restaurants, and "a place for a good glass of wine" and we think MDC Land Development and Western Retail Advisors really heard us and delivered! Personally, I can't wait to have a few new places to walk to for dinner and drinks and from the comments you left on our Facebook page, we think you all feel the same way! Congrats Upper West Siders and here's to the first of many more happy press releases we expect to see in the next year! 

Photo Credit: S & V Urban Italian

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