Back To School

Back to school can be such an exciting time! New friends, new teachers, & a new year filled with learning and adventure!  Often times we find that the back to school season can also be overwhelming & stressful not only for parents but for kiddos too! Here are some tips to help keep the back-to-school transition running the best for everyone!

1. Create a routine and stick to it. Kids (& parents) often thrive & perform their best when a schedule is being followed. Creating a chart that shows what your kiddos need to do each day can also be a helpful way to keep everyone on track and help the mornings & evenings run as smooth as possible! Charts are also a great way to keep kids accountable to what they are responsible for each day (brushing their teeth, doing their homework, making their bed, helping around the house). 2. Prepare meals & outfits ahead of time. Packing lunches the night before or even meal prepping them over the weekend can take a lot of stress out of morning routines & help get everyone out the door on time. Meal prepping dinners also saves time & energy on late nights where it's difficult to cook when you get home! You can also set out outfits the night before or even create outfits for the entire week to help make your mornings run smooth! Try a closet organizer or bin with drawers to place outfits in so kiddos know what to wear & can get ready on their own! 3. Lean on your tribe! Finding other parents that could help with carpool, after school activities, & keeping you up-to-date with things going on at school can help you from feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things you need to accomplish! Most schools have a Facebook group for parents that can be a great resource & help you find someone in your child’s school & grade that you can connect with! 4. Make health a priority! The additional stress during this time of year can take a toll on your mental health & immune system, both for kiddos & parents. Make sure everyone is getting enough sleep, taking vitamins, limiting screen time, & eating a balanced diet full of healthy foods! Staying on top of your family's wellness can prevent everyone from feeling rundown & keep your immune systems strong! 5. Don’t forget to make time for FUN! Parents cannot pour from an empty cup so take time during the day to relax & decompress! It’s also so important to let kids be kids so make sure that they have time to play & be creative!

We see so many families in our office & feel so fortunate that we get to interact with them & help them adjust to the transitions during these overwhelming times! We will be holding an event on Thursday, August 29th with more Back to School Tools for kiddos & parents including breathing techniques, a conversation about stress & an essential oils make & take! You can find additional information on our website

We are looking forward to an exciting and healthy school year!

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