End of 2021 Updates

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

UPDATE posted 11/23/21: This is a long one, but as a reminder you can find a list with most of this information on the “Coming Soon” tab . All of our past updates are on previous blog posts so we may have already covered your questions in those previous posts. If you value the information we bring to the community and would like to make a donation to help support us, you can donate via multiple platforms under the "Support" tab.

-Anytime Fitness is going in at 39th Ave. & Happy Valley Rd. near Safeway. -Dutch Bros Coffee & Brushfire Tacos Y Tapas are going in at 37th Ave. & Happy Valley Rd. -Office buildings are being built at 78th Ave. & Deer Valley. They will be medical or similar in nature to other tenants currently in the surrounding complex. -Lola Coffee is going in the former Java Grounds space at the SW corner of 83rd Ave. & Deer Valley Rd. -Multi-family housing is currently being built at Camino A Lago Marketplace on Lake Pleasant Pkwy. south of Deer Valley Rd. -EōS Fitness will also be going in at Camino A Lago Marketplace on Lake Pleasant Pkwy. south of Deer Valley Rd. -The dirt lot under construction at Four Corners near Mountainside Fitness is going to be an Indian specialty grocer. -QT at 115th and Happy Valley is moving forward. They are in the permitting phase. -New build-to-rent homes are going in at the NE corner of Happy Valley Rd. & El Mirage Rd. near Coldwater Ranch. They are expected to be similar to the new complex at 119th & Happy Valley Rd. -There is a lot of building going on at 163rd Ave. & Grand. The only confirmed tenants are Fry's Food Stores, Mr Shine, a gas station, and CCV (Christ's Church of the Valley). -A restaurant called Stout Concepts is going in the former Modern Round at P83. We do not have any additional info at this time. -Carvana is being built at on the west side of 83rd Ave. just north of Bell Rd. -Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is being built at the NW corner of 83rd Ave. & Bell Rd. in the former Pacific Seafood Buffet Glendale, which is relocating to the SW corner of 59th Ave. & Bell Rd. -ALDI USA is building at the SW corner of 59th Ave. & Bell Rd. but we do not have a timeline. -Salad and Go at 59th Ave. & Union Hills is expected to open by the end of this year. -The former QT at 83rd Ave. & Union Hills is being converted to Dental Depot. -The former Blockbuster/Pet Co. on 67th Ave. north of the 101 near Starbucks is going to be PhysMed Urgent Care. -Jet's Pizza is going in the former Pizza Hut at 67th Ave. north of the 101. -A small commercial complex called Argento is going in on 67th Ave. at Pinnacle Peak. There will be approximately a dozen tenants, none of which have been announced, and construction will begin in the first quarter of 2022. -Twin Tails Cageless Grooming is expected to open mid-December at Sunrise Promenade at Four Corners. -We do NOT have an updated timeline for when BoSa Donuts or Harumi Sushi are opening at Four Corners, however, construction at Harumi looks to be almost done. -Eggstasy at Norterra is hoping to open in the coming weeks. They have been delayed due to supply chain issues, which is also likely the reason for other delayed openings. There is a big push at the end of the year for businesses to open for tax purposes so we often see a lot of openings in December. -We’ve had a few questions about the open land on the SE corner of 91st Ave. & Pinnacle Peak across from Campbell’s. As far as we know nothing is being built but there is usually a Christmas tree lot there. -The land owner for the Peoria Regional Medical Center (in the space formerly known as “the steel structure”) is working to secure a healthcare operator.

Thanks for following us and for your support! We expect the end of 2021 to be busy on the #upperwestsidephx and we will continue to keep you updated!


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