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We get far more requests for restaurants than any other type of business. It’s clear that we all want more variety and options when it comes to dining on the Upper West Side but it’s important to remember that a community is about more than just shopping and dining. It is essential for communities to support its members by providing services, resources, education, etc, and it just so happens one of our favorite local businesses does just that! The Tutoring Center offers academic support to kids in our community during the school year AND the summer months when your kids might need it most. Don’t let your kids lose the skills they worked so hard to gain all year. Check out the advice we received from some of our favorite teachers and send your kids over to see Dr. Becky Clark at The Tutoring Center!

We asked Dr. Becky about summer tutoring and here’s what she had to say:

Q: What are the benefits of summer tutoring? 

A: Summer is the perfect time for students not only to maintain knowledge/skills but also get ahead before school starts again. For example, in our math program this summer, we are preparing students for next year’s math so they can begin the school year already familiar with the new math concepts.

Q: What do you recommend all students do over the summer to keep up with their education? 

A: Read fun, interesting materials. Of course books are great but magazines, instructions for playing a game, recipes, and movie reviews, are also good examples of reading materials that provide both information and enjoyment. Make reading a family event where each member gets to share a favorite story. Play memory games like Concentration and Simon so that students enhance their working memory skills. These skills will lead to better reading comprehension and also improve students' abilities to memorize, for example, basic math facts and word definitions.

Q: What summer programs do you offer? 

A: We offer summer programs in the following areas: Math, Reading, Writing, Enrichment, Study Skills, and Pre-SAT/ACT. We also help students, who are entering Kindergarten in the fall, get ready for school.

Here is some additional advice from our favorite Upper West Side teachers Jenny, Amy, and Kristi:

1. Read everyday and do math facts!

2. Give kids 3 days per week just for them. Let them pick the activity they want to do on those days. Spend the rest of the week at home letting them enjoy vacation and giving you time to get done whatever you need to do.

3. Give your kids a checklist each day with chores and educational activities. They don't get "free time" until they finish their work!

Hope everyone has a great Summer!

The Tutoring Center

6525 West Happy Valley Road, Suite C-101

Glendale, AZ 85310

(623) 566-6630

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