Is Your Hair Summer Ready?

Summer is coming, are you ready? More importantly, is your hair ready?

If you are anything like me this season calls for some outdoor fun but that can do some serious damage to your locks. The following are some simple tips that will help keep your hair in its best condition and looking great during the intense Arizona summer season:

Just like sunscreen on your skin you will need to protect your hair the same way. Here are a few products and/or tips to step up your protection game this summer. Using a UV protection product like Untangled from KevinMurphy will create a barrier between the sun and your hair while leaving it soft and hydrated. For you curly haired ladies out there, make sure you are using a moisturizing product in these dry conditions, this is to prevent frizz and protect your natural texture from spontaneous humidity. My new favorite product is Olaplex #6. Versatile and can be used on both wet a dry hair. This last protection tip is simple and easy to incorporate in your daily routine, change your blow dryer settings. Easy right? This is so important because our hair is naturally going to dry faster on its own in the summer, simply not necessary to expose it to a high heat setting to expedite dryness.

Choosing quality products will help keep your hair in the best shape and combat those summer conditions. Here is where I am going to plug a few of my favorite Kevin Murphy products for the summer. I am not trying to sell you anything, I just want you to understand why making changes or incorporating a certain products is the right answer to keeping your hair hydrated and healthy. You probably didn’t know that product will always want to revert back to its natural state, stay away from waxes and mousse in the summer.  Instead, incorporating a weightless volumizer like Body.Mass in place of mousse will allow your hair to maintain volume without any extra weight through the warmer months. Another good idea is to switch to a flexible hold hairspray and using multiple layers to create the same hold without the added weight. What does that mean? It means pick up Session.Flex by KM and use it in place of your hard hold hairspray. For all the men out there I will make it very simple. Incorporate a light spritz of hair spray over all pomades so it doesn’t soften as our body heat rises. 

Take care of your hair by picking one day a week that you really pamper your locks. On that day you should detoxify your hair by using a clarifying shampoo, my favorite is Maxi.Wash, followed up by Hydrate Me Masque. Your hair will thank you!

Fun in the sun and time by the pool is something we all love, but it will definitely take a toll on your hair. Follow these few steps to fight the good fight against chlorine. Spray your hair down with a water bottle prior to jumping in the pool and spritz in detangler to create a barrier between your hair and chlorine. Always shampoo and condition afterwards, seems like common sense right? Well let me tell you why this is so important, chlorine is a chemical that builds up in the hair over time and can cause a tight scalp, dry hair and even worse, leave a green hue to all hair colors out there. Especially for our blondes; the chlorine doesn’t make your hair green, it’s the combination with the sun that does it. Another easy thing to do is to wear a hat, if you protect your hair from the direct sun it will not cause your color to fade and loose shine. The most important tip here is to make sure your hair is wet before you make a splash, your thirsty hair will soak up anything it can get, so give it that H2O.

Stop by and see me for a complimentary consultation, I would be happy to assist you with understanding what your hair needs for this summer. In addition to a complimentary consult I would like to extend a 10% discount from Balayage, lightening services, and all conditioning treatments to maintain hydration as it warms up.

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