Let's Get Juicy!

Spring has sprung and guess what that means? There are only a few short months until Summertime! If you’re anything like me, my body is in dire need of a quick health reboot before the triple digit temps hit. Luckily, Nekter has 2 new cleanses to choose from; the ever so popular celery juice detox and the new classic detox.

The Celery Juice Detox is the perfect boost to help with digestion and reduce inflammation, and it's a great healthy addition to any diet or lifestyle. If you choose this detox, note that it should be taken every morning on an empty stomach, followed by a 30 minute wait time before consuming anything else. A quick Google search will tell you about all the potential health benefits. Nekter makes it easy to incorporate celery juice into your daily diet without having to juice your own celery every morning.

The Classic Detox is a traditional juice detox. This detox has 6 different cold pressed juices to be taken throughout the day, about 2 hours apart, along with TONS of water to help your body flush your system. This detox is designed to help you ditch your sugar cravings and inspire healthier eating habits. For maximum benefits, Nekter suggests it’s best to prepare your body a couple days in advance by eliminating processed foods and stimulants.

If you’ve visited Nekter and you HAVE NOT downloaded their rewards app yet, you are missing out! You can skip the line by placing a mobile order as well as earn free menu items after just 10 purchases! All you have to do is scan your receipt! New members get a free 16 oz juice or smoothie when they download the rewards app and register. Check out their website for more benefits and as always, you can find all of their contact information in our Business Directory.

Now who's ready for Summer?!?!

By: Silvia Jajou & Katie Roe

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