Let the Countdown Begin!

It's hard to believe but Summer Break is just around the corner! There is just over a month of school left and we have a WONDERFUL resource in our community should your kids need a little help getting to the finish line.

It's perfectly normal for kids to struggle at times in school or with certain concepts. Mom and local Upper West Side Ambassador Kristen says, "I remember that happening to my daughter in 4th grade with math. It’s nice to know you’re not alone and there’s a great center nearby to help with reading, writing, algebra, SAT/ACT prep and many other subjects."

Yes, you read that right! The Tutoring Center offers SAT/ACT prep!

Located at 67th Avenue and Happy Valley Road in the Fry’s Shopping Center, The Tutoring Center is owned and operated by Dr. Becky Clark, Ed.D. Becky was previously the Dean of the College of Education at Grand Canyon University and has over 20 years experience in education. You can't help but love Dr. Becky when you meet her and her passion for helping kids learn is evident! The Tutoring Center offers tutoring for ages 5 and up. All students work 1:1 with an instructor to build their skills, focus, and confidence in a FUN environment. Younger students use games to build their skills and all students get to “shop” for fun prizes (everything from stuffed animals to scooters) the last week of the month with fake money they earn throughout the month. We love that in addition to getting great results they’re making learning FUN!

Dr. Becky loves being part of the Upper West Side community and says, “there’s something special about this side of town and I knew I had to open the center here." This location has been open for 4 years and currently has 10 instructors to help your child with an array of subjects including advanced math classes and study skills.

For more information visit their website, Facebook page, or check them out on Yelp. You can always find their contact info in our Business Directory as well.

By: Katie Roe & Kristen Comer

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