Life Time Fitness Meeting Recap

Life Time Fitness Peoria/Upper West Side has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Life Time Athletic as it's now known (because it's SO much more than fitness, it's a lifestyle), has a good chance of coming to Peoria and that's good for all of us. Life Time has an entire wing of their corporate offices that research and decide where to open new clubs and they've put a bullseye on this location. That proves that market research shows that our area is attractive to businesses and our efforts are being recognized!

We know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting a recap of the Life Time Athletic community open house that was held on 7/11, so here it is (along with pictures of all the models they had at the meeting):

  • 40-50 community members attended (it was great to meet so many of you!)

  • Almost everyone that attended was in support of Life Time with the exception of 2 people that live right next to the site and don’t love the idea but don’t oppose it

  • 2 City Council Representatives and a few City Planners were there

  • Executives from Life Time headquarters were there including the development manager, traffic engineers, architects, etc. as well local contractors, the local PR team, and the local legal team working on the project

  • The project is in the pre-application phase and Life Time plans to submit a zoning application to the City of Peoria Planning & Zoning Commission this Fall after they have done their due diligence

  • It will be 3 stories inside (60 feet) to keep the horizontal footprint small

  • It will have indoor and outdoor pools (both play pools and lap pools) with waterslides outside

  • There will be a salon, spa, child care, and café

  • There will NOT be tennis courts as there is not enough room on the property

  • The club will be modeled after their Gilbert location

  • It will be an “Onyx Level” club with pricing starting at $99/mo

  • There will be a new traffic signal at the CCV entrance/exit on 67thAvenue!!!

  • There will be other traffic improvements as well (see photos)

  • The traffic improvements will be at the expense of Life Time, not tax payers

  • Life Time will employ approximately 300 people at this location

Life Time needs comment cards filled out! You can pick up comment cards at any of our upcoming Upper West Side Summer Social Hour events (7/24, 8/9, and 8/22). Info about these events is in the calendar and on our facebook page under the "Events" tab. If you would like to write a letter of support, please email it to and we will get it to the right people. We're looking forward to seeing how this all plays out!

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