Life Time Fitness Upper West Side

Last night we attended the City of Peoria Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting to show our support for Life Time Fitness coming to the Upper West Side. We generally bring the party wherever we go but these meetings are very formal so they can be a bit scary but we showed up anyway and we're so glad we did.

If you are not familiar with this proposal, Life Time Fitness is interested in opening a club at 67thAve. & Hatfield Road on what is currently a CCV parking lot. Life Time is a high-end resort-style athletic club with indoor/outdoor lap pools and play pools amongst other amenities. We are happy to report that the Planning & Zoning Commission PASSED the zoning unanimously!!!

The commissioner even commented that Life Time did their due diligence more than any other case they have seen. They held community meetings and addressed resident concerns regarding traffic. Their main entrance will be a shared entrance with CCV on 67thAve. and a traffic light will be installed! In addition, Hatfield Rd. will be paved, entrances/exits and 67thAve. will have more lanes, and they will make use of the area under the power lines for parking. The renderings Life Time presented at the meeting last night look great and should enhance that area.

Most questions last night were about the height of the building (60 feet) but Life Time was adamant that they needed a building of this height to fit all of their amenities and that there was no deal without it. Too often it feels like the West Valley is the “red-headed stepchild” and when upscale businesses open over here they do not always put in their full scale model with all of the amenities they have at other valley locations. We’re happy they stuck to their guns! We can’t wait for Life Time Fitness Peoria in 2019!

Thank you to everyone that went to community meetings so you could learn about this project and to everyone that filled out support cards. And a HUGE thank you to Elissa, our ONLY follower that showed up to this scary meeting to speak in support as well!

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