May & June 2021 Updates

UPDATED 6/23/21:

-83 Marketplace appears to be done and two tenants (F45 and Salon Blissful) have started their build outs. We have no info on additional tenants at this time.

-The former Bed Bath & Beyond at Four Corners has not been leased yet.

-Bosa Donuts is scheduled to open at Four Corners in October and construction is underway.

-The former Hooters at P83 is under demo and will be a burger spot that is new to AZ. We do not have any additional info yet.

-Matt’s Big Breakfast at 75th & Rose Garden appears to be done with construction but they are waiting to open until the can be fully staffed, which is an industry-wide problem currently.

-PXG Golf is now open at Norterra.

-Salad and Go has had some construction delays so they had to push back their opening this month but will be open by the end of Summer. We will let you know if/when we find out the opening date.

-The former Sweet Tomatoes on Bell Rd. appears to be being converted to offices but we have not been able to confirm this.

-Tikka Shack is now open at Norterra.

-The former Zoe’s Kitchen in front of Arrowhead Mall is becoming a PNC Bank.

-We are gathering info from the county about Deer Valley Rd. being expanded west to El Mirage Rd. and will post an update as soon as we have more info.

UPDATED 5/25/21:

- Athletico Physical Therapy is opening in the Fall at Sunrise Promenade adjacent to Harumi Sushi.

- Banner Health Center Plus is now open at 75th Ave. & the 101 (Aspera).

- BoSa Donuts opening at Four Corners has been pushed back to October.

- Brushfire Tacos Y Tapas is coming soon to 35th Ave. & Happy Valley Rd.

- Daniela Jay Boutique is closing at the end of this month at 67th Ave. & Happy Valley.

- Lee-Bone's Fine Meats (butcher) is now open at 83rd Ave. & Union Hills.

- MacMedia Inc. is opening this Summer at Sunrise Promenade near Black Rock Coffee.

- The Mac Shack AZ (mac & cheese restaurant) is now open at 67th Ave. & Happy Valley Rd.

- Pad Thai Café is coming soon to 51st Ave. & Union Hills.

- PopStroke mini golf by Tiger Woods is coming to the Westgate area (no timeline yet).

- PXG Golf is opening this Summer at Norterra.

- Salad and Go exterior construction is almost complete at 83rd Ave. & Deer Valley and it is expected to open at the end of June.

- The Lash Lounge is now open at 67th Ave. & Happy Valley Rd.

- Westside Blues & Jazz z is now open at 59th Ave. & Bell Rd.

- There is a new Jomax exit being added on the 303 between Happy Valley & Lone Mountain. It will connect to Vistancia Blvd. just east of the Safeway Plaza.

- Developers closed on the land last week for Crystal Lagoon water park near Westgate. The project is expected to be done in time for the 2023 Super Bowl.

- There is a new elementary school going through the approval process to be built in 2022/2023 in the Stetson Valley neighborhood near Pinnacle Vista Dr. and Inspiration Mountain Parkway.

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