Meet Melissa of Matriarch Salon

Now is the time to get your hair done before the holidays! We know how hard it is to find a good stylist so we have partnered with 3 great stylists that we know and trust! Today we want to introduce you to Melissa Welker of Matriarch Salon!

Melissa is Arizona born and bred and has lived on the Upper West Side in Peoria her entire life. It’s HOME to her!

After 11 years of specialized training, mentoring, and catering to her wonderful clients at a high-end salon in Glendale she decided to branch out on her own. She and her business partner, Victoria own a salon suite inside the Vivaldi Salon Suites at the Citadelle. They have been there for 4 years now.  

She uses Kevin Murphy products and is passionate about creating a great experience for you. Her goal is to bring out your confidence by creating great hair and sending you home with the tools and knowledge you need to feel your best outside of the salon! 

Melissa is dedicated to her education and mastering her craft. She is well versed in all services but focuses primarily on customized color, hair cutting, Keratin smoothing treatments, extensions, and men’s grooming.  She graduated from beauty school and high school simultaneously and immediately continued her education in an apprenticeship at a high-end salon in Glendale. 

We asked her what she loves about the Upper West Side and what she would like to see come to the area and here’s what she said: “I love living and working on the Upper West Side. I love the people and the community and I would love to see places like LaGrande Orange come to our side of town to culitivate that vibe.”

Follow Melissa on Instagram @melissa_matriarch and on Facebook @matriarchsalon to see her beautiful work! 

Location: The Citadelle shopping plaza between Union Hills and Beardsley off 59th Ave. 

Matriarch Salon

19420 N 59th Ave.

Building A-201

Glendale, AZ 85308


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