More Than Just Restaurants

We get requests for restaurants far more than any other type of business. Unfortunately due to parking regulations we will probably never see a whole complex of just restaurants, but rather restaurants mixed in with other lower traffic businesses (offices, salons, banks, etc.). That being said, we feel strongly that a community is made up of much more than just restaurants. In addition to wanting more specialty retailers in the area (which also requires quite a bit of parking) we want to see businesses open that provide a valuable service to residents. How many of us drive to Scottsdale for doctors appointments, lawyers, accountants, etc. when we should have all of that right here in our community? Well things are starting to change and we have more options in the area than ever before!

Today we want to highlight a local business that we have partnered with because we feel they are a specialty service and an asset to our community. Now, don’t stop reading when you read the “C” word because meeting these women helped us overcome our bias too. We mean "C" for chiropractor! Ignite Family Chiropractic is a family chiropractor led by Dr. Jen Givens, DC. While they do provide chiropractic services to the whole family, they focus on infants, children, pregnant women, and moms. If you’re like us you’re probably wondering why in the world someone would take a baby to a chiropractor. We promise they DON’T crack babies there. They use gentle specific sustained holds to help relieve the stress on some of the most vulnerable populations that many providers won’t treat. They use thermal scans to identify where there is the most stress on the brain and spinal chord. Dr. Jen and Dr. Kenzie’s treatments help with the following: ADHD, sensory processing issues, immune function, digestive issues, pregnancy pain, fertility, etc.

If you think you or your family could benefit from treatment at Ignite Family Chiropractic but still aren’t sure, check out one of their free educational events for more info. They host workshops and webinars addressing various different topics each month. You can find Ignite Family Chiropractic on Facebook and Instagram and their contact info is available below and in our business directory.

Ignite Family Chiropractic

Dr. Jen Givens & Dr. Kenzie Bustos

9815 W. Happy Valley Rd. #1130

Peoria, AZ 85383


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