Quarantine Recap: Week 2-3ish

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Featured Restaurants for Takeout/Delivery

  • The Rec Pizzeria

  • That Place Subs & Salads

  • Caramba Mexican Food

  • Twisted Italian

  • Pita Jungle: Norterra or Arrowhead

  • Nekter Juice Bar: Lake Pleasant

  • Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade: Happy Valley

  • Arrowhead Grill

  • Lakeside Bar & Grill

  • Barro’s Pizza: Lake Pleasant or 67th Ave.

  • Fabio On Fire

  • Sala Thai

  • Greek Palace

Featured Donuts & Coffee:

  • Donutsville

  • Beyond Donuts & Cafe

  • Well Coffee Co.

  • Cabin Coffee Café

  • Daily Drip Coffee & Desserts

Easter Takeout Ideas:

  • Pita Jungle

  • Haymaker

  • Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

  • Babbo Italian Eatery

  • Revolu Taqueria

  • Chompie’s

  • Arrowhead Grill

  • AJ’s Fine Foods

  • Fixin To Eat (prepared meals)

Fish Fry Nearby:

Popular hashtags:

#inittogether #icount2020 #showusyourtakeout #thegreatamericantakeout

Other notable posts:

  • Frosted Frenzy & Cookie House help make Easter and other celebrations special!

  • Urban Margarita is hosting Facebook Live cooking classes every Friday at 2:00PM

  • Pedego Bikes has electric bikes available to buy or rent and they will deliver them to you

  • April 7 was AZ Gives Day: Join Team Upper West Side PHX in the ALA's Fight For Air Climb to support research initiatives that help end COVID-19 and fight future pandemic respiratory viruses

  • The Great American Takeout: support local restaurants and win gift cards

  • For more info on the community opposition to the Happy Valley Waste Transfer Station, please join this Facebook group and sign this Petition

  • Construction and road work updates are periodically posted to our Facebook page

  • Don't forget to take the 2020 U.S. Census if you have not done so already. Our community and state depend on your participation.

  • See our COVID-19 tab for a full list of restaurants in the area that need our support as well as resources for small businesses, jobs, information, etc.

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