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Updated: Apr 24

Updated 4/20/22:

Last night the Peoria City Council approved re-zoning at the NE corner of 83rd Ave. & Happy Valley Rd. for The Trailhead! We are super excited about this mixed-use master-planned development and all that it will bring to our awesome #upperwestsidephx community! Construction will tentatively begin this Fall and you can find details about this project on our prior blog posts.

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Posted 4/12/22:

After the Peoria Planning & Zoning Commission UNANIMOUSLY passed all three re-zoning cases related to "The Trailhead" last week, we wanted to take a moment to address some of the points brought up by the opposition at that meeting. We cannot let fear, misinformation, and threats to our community and it’s leaders sway us from having the type of quality development our community wants and deserves. If you have questions or concerns, please read our previous blog here, as well as the additional info below, and watch the Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting here.*


1. Apartments decrease property value

This is an often-assumed MYTH. The U.S. Census Bureau found that working communities with multifamily dwellings actually have higher property values than working communities without them. Example: Scottsdale

2. Higher population density requires more police presence

“In actuality, when police data is analyzed on a per unit basis, the rate of police activity in apartment communities is no worse than in single family subdivisions, and in many cases, is lower than in single family areas.” ~ Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University

3. Traffic concerns

The city can better plan for and regulate the increased traffic when working with a single developer versus several different land owners developing individual parcels over a period of time. The developer will be responsible for making traffic improvements as part of this project and the developer of Aloravita South will be responsible to continue those improvements when they begin building. There are plans to add a light at 83rd Ave. & Jomax in the future. There is no evidence that renters drive any differently than homeowners. Please refer to comments from the city traffic engineer during last week's meeting for more information.

4. Increase in school-aged children attending our already overcrowded public schools

The multi-family project consists of mostly 1 and 2 bedroom units that have very little impact on the school system based on other similar apartment complexes. A far larger impact would be felt should there be 110 single family homes place on this property. Multi-family focused on 1 and 2 bedroom units relieve stress on school over single family residential. This area is zoned for Peoria Unified School District. The school district has not submitted opposition to this project.

5. 3-story apartments affect natural landscape

The multi-family homes are graded to 8 feet lower than 83rd Ave. and will therefore have a visual effect more akin to a 2 story building. The rest of the current "open desert" NE of 83rd Ave. & Happy Valley will become 1 and 2 story single family residential homes as part of Aloravita South. That was approved in 2011.

6. The residents chose to move here based on current zoning in place

Zoning and city General Plans change over time to adapt and address the demographics of an evolving housing market. This is best laid out by the City of Peoria General Plan 2040 that was approved by voters in 2020. See below from General Plan 2040: 1.3 WHAT HAS CHANGED? Although many of the positive and valued attributes of Peoria remain the same, many community conditions have changed in the decade since the adoption of the 2009 General Plan. Since the last substantive update in 2009, which was ratified by Peoria voters in 2010, the city has experienced an evolving economic landscape, along with meaningful growth and physical development. Additionally, advancements in technologies, and efforts in the areas of sustainability, diversification of the workforce, and quality of life are now topics at the forefront of the conversation, which impacts land use and other growth-related decisions. Other core issues and opportunities facing Peoria have changed and evolved, which were not reflected in the 2010 plan. For example, demographics, such as population age and composition of households have changed, and an updated long-range plan and vision is necessary to reflect changes in community characteristics. Additionally, local, regional and national economic changes have occurred over the past decade, which necessitate an updated economic development strategy to remain competitive with other jurisdictions for business sector development and expansion. The resulting PlanPeoriaAZ 2040 General Plan establishes goals, policies and strategies to define a targeted approach addressing what has changed within Peoria.

7. Fireside at Norterra is a prime example of the increase in crime since the apartments were developed surrounding the community.

Please see data below:

Here are two easy ways for you to voice your support for this project:

1. EMAIL PEORIA CITY COUNCIL BY THURSDAY, APRIL 14th: In your email, provide the reasons WHY you support this project, and if you’re a Peoria city resident be sure to include that information. Peoria city residents are who they need to hear from. Right now they are being flooded with emails by opposers of the project. Email them today to let them know you support this project. Your email should go to: and

2. MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO SHOW UP! - We NEED to FILL the seats and Request to Speak! Even if you don’t wish to speak in front of the Council, PLEASE come and be present so when they ask for those in support of the project to please stand, they can see that there are plenty of us who support this project! When: APRIL 19th (6 pm - 8 pm) - DOORS OPEN AT 5:30 PM

Where: Peoria City Council Chamber8401 W Monroe St. Peoria, Arizona 85345

*A note on the video for those that have not attended these meetings before: Those with their backs to the camera presenting are city Planning & Zoning staff, whose job it is to get all the facts and make a recommendation to the Commission on whether they think a case is acceptable and should be approved in the best interest of the city or not. Those facing the camera are the Planning & Zoning Commission members. They are our citizens’ oversight committee.They are not elected officials, but residents just like the rest of us. So the Planning Department reviewed this case and found it acceptable, then it went to the Commission and was approved by the citizens on that commission, and now it goes to City Council for final approval.

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