Upper West Side Goes Shopping

Thank you to everyone that came out to our Upper West Side Style Social at EVEREVE at The Biltmore last Thursday night! A HUUUUGE thank you to EVEREVE and all of their staff. As many of you know, we made the trek down to The Biltmore on a Thursday night to show EVEREVE that we support them and want them to open a store on the Upper West Side. We stopped in one day months ago to check out this new store at The Biltmore and met the general manager, Erin. She later reached out to us because she loves what we’re doing with Upper West Side PHX and wanted to see how she could let everyone on the Upper West Side experience EVEREVE. She wanted to do a trunk show up here but due to logistics and planning we decided to head down to the store for a Style Social, and boy are we glad that we did! I have NEVER in my 30+ years of life had a better shopping experience!

EVEREVE boasts that their employees are “stylists” that help you put together outfits, much like a popular online company that supplies you with a stylist to pick out clothes they then send to you. I was skeptical but I can honestly say that they really are “stylists” and they FAR exceeded my expectations. I’m not a much of a shopper, not even a little bit. In fact, I dread shopping for clothes, but Thursday night I actually had fun shopping! The employees listened to me to understand my style then they brought me different items, sizes, and colors to try. They brought shoes and accessories to the dressing room so I could see how to complete an outfit for a finished look. They showed me how to tie my t-shirts to look cute and current and how to wear items multiple ways to get maximum wear out of them. They were honest with opinions, super friendly, genuine, and you can tell they love what they do. This is the first time in years that I can honestly say I felt good shopping! I came home with a new dress, cute jeans, and a few basic t-shirts to round out my wardrobe! They had a good sale section and great jewelry so we’ll be back soon for more shopping!

We are so happy that EVEREVE’s manager got in touch with us to see how they could serve our community! We would be THRILLED to have an EVEREVE store on the Upper West Side! In a world where you can buy pretty much anything online, they have truly differentiated themselves by offering a great shopping experience. Their Biltmore location just celebrated their one year anniversary so if you haven’t checked EVEREVE out yet, definitely stop in next time you’re at The Biltmore Fashion Park! They also have a location in Gilbert at Santan Valley. For those of you with kids, they are serious about being kid friendly (toys and gold fish crackers near the dressing rooms) so there is no reason not to stop in next time you’re in the area! You might just run into us there too! This post is NOT sponsored by EVEREVE. It’s just our honest opinion.

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