Who Run The World?!?

If you were to ask that question of Dr. Jen or Dr. Kenzie with Ignite Family Chiropractic, their answer would be clear. They have tailored their practice to helping and supporting the incredible women that they serve. When I first sat down with Dr. Jen, she told me she “gives out hugs as often as adjustments!” A pivotal focus of her practice is catering to the women of our community. Whether it’s by creating a calm and pleasant environment, watching your child while you get your adjustment, or simply giving out a much-needed hug, the staff of Ignite Family Chiro is here for you. While they treat patients in all seasons of life, they specialize in treating infants, children, pregnant women, and mothers.

The all-female staff at Ignite knows the importance of women supporting women in a world that too often focuses on flaws rather than celebrating success. The women at Ignite hold fun and educational monthly events focused on issues important to women and they take self-care seriously. To celebrate their accomplishments and reaching their goals, you’ll find them out getting a facial or pedicure because they practice what they preach. We are so excited to have such a unique business here on the Upper West Side and are looking forward to all the great things to come from Ignite Family Chiropractic! Stop in to see them, and congratulate them on their recent one-year anniversary… because who runs the world?!? Girls!

Ignite Family Chiropractic

9815 W. Happy Valley Rd. #1130

Peoria, AZ 85383


By: Monica Anderson

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